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TUTUS, LLC introduces their latest man lift safety solution DOPS™ (Dropped Object Prevention Solutions) to the oil and gas construction industry and EPC services for the enhancement of worksite safety. 

As an authorized distributor of InCord safety net products, TUTUS, LLC is now offering the new SkyNet™ Work Platform, a revolutionary new solution for working at heights, PSN Perimeter Systems for construction site fall protection, RocBloc™ stacked netting for debris containment, rope cargo nets for lifting, and Cage-X™ net panels for open ladder fall protection.


PSN - RocBloc™ - Cargo nets - Cage-X™ 

PSN Perimeter Systems for construction site fall protection, RocBloc™ stacked netting for debris containment, rope cargo nets for lifting, and Cage-X™ net panels for open ladder fall protection.

Perimeter Safety Solutions

Perimeter net safety systems provide passive fall protection for construction workers at elevated heights where other means of fall protection are not practical.

Safety systems comprised of personnel safety nets and debris containment liners can encircle the work area with a fall arrest barrier that will keep your workers and the public safe, protecting adjacent properties while preventing loss of valuable material and time. 

TUTUS working with FallProof Networks Systems can provide virtually any size and shape personnel safety netting with debris liners, as well as complete perimeter systems including all necessary hardware, cables and support poles. All perimeter safety net systems are engineered for your unique application. 

We design our systems using all top-grade quality and ANSI load tested materials to assure you the highest level of safety in the field so that you can concentrate on the business of construction. 


Perimeter System  for construction site fall protection

Lowers Insurance Costs

Perimeter Safety Net Systems can easily be “jumped” from floor to floor as construction progresses. Easy to install, easy to move. Installation of a Safety Net System is not only an on-the-job enhancement, it lowers insurance costs and it gives your company a safety rating that will help you stay competitive.

All in one system - Provides Protection for

personnel and the public.

All TUTUS personnel netting is bordered with 5,000 pound minimum test synthetic rope with attachment hooks four feet on-center and staggered for attachment to other nets. 

Color keyed borders allow quick and easy panel matching.

Personnel safety netting is available in stock sizes ready for immediate shipment to you.


Heavy Duty Debris Nets

Debris Net Specifications for N-820H

  • Debris Net Specifications for N-820H
  • Style: Raschel Knotless Netting
  • Fiber ................... High Tenacity, Polypropylene (HTPP)
  • Cord Diameter .... 3/16 inch (5 mm)
  • Mesh Size........... 2-1/2 inch (60 mm) square opening
  • Load Test, Max ... 6000 lb (2700 kg)
  • Weight ................ 0.0528 lb/ft2 (258 g/m2)
  • Melting Point....... 320°F (160°C)
  • UV....................... Extra UV Stabilizers added
  • Colors ................. Black, Gray, Sand

RocBloc™ Heavy Duty Debris Nets

  •  TUTUS debris net systems can wrap a bridge into a cocoon for safety - protecting workers, pedestrians, underpass traffic and adjacent properties.
  • Durable and reusable debris netting is available in single panel or stacked configurations under our brand name RocBloc™ with various mesh size and strengths to meet your exact job requirements.
  • TUTUS debris liners combined with 2-1/2 inch load bearing structural netting provides superior strength for applications requiring heavy debris containment.
  • Our netting ensures unrestricted work site access and traffic flow. For bridge containment needs, DOT safety engineers and construction managers look to InCord for custom solutions.
  • RocBloc debris net systems are custom sized and fabricated to meet your project requirements.
  • Debris nets and liners are available in a choice of three colors – black, gray, sand.
  • RocBloc™ safety netting complies with OSHA regulations for debris net installations and meets CPAI-84, Section 6, Tent Walls and Tops.
  • RocBloc™ meets conformity standard ANSI A10.37 for Debris Net Systems for Construction and Demolition.

RocBloc™  10k™ Debris Containment Nets

RocBloc 10K is our strongest two ply netting system for 

construction debris containment and debris shielding. Durable and reusable, RocBloc 10K is easily installed as a protective wrap or suspended under a debris hazard.

The reinforced design of RocBloc 10K makes it particularly suitable for extreme applications and harsh environments. While primarily designed as a horizontal debris net to restrain concrete and stone, it may also be used as containment netting to prevent construction material from falling to the surface below, thus preventing injury and property damage.

RocBloc 10K is a Type 1 rated barrier net with a design load rating of 10,000 lb.

RocBloc™  5k™ Debris Containment Nets

The RocBloc 5K debris nets are typically used for small or light debris containment. As a vertical barrier and shield, RocBloc 5K can be used to protect exposed areas including windows and access openings while maintaining airflow and visibility.

The 5K debris containment net is constructed as a custom sized web bordered panel consisting of a load bearing structural net with a small particle debris liner. Grommets are installed two foot on-center along all sides of the panel. Materials are HTPP and stainless steel.

RocBloc 5K is a Type 2 rated barrier net with a design load rating of 5000 lb.

Cargo Nets

Cargo Nets from TUTUS are constructed for superior durability. Knotless High Tenacity Polypropylene netting eliminates the stresses of stitched construction found in conventional web nets. See how our net's unique design helps keep your load balanced and safe in this product demonstration video. Be safe on your construction site. One out of ten construction workers is injured on the job each year, and falls are the single leading cause of construction accidents, injuries—and fatalities.


Net panels for open ladder fall protection.

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The CageX™ Ladder Cage Extension Net

Extend protection from the ladder cage to the elevated platform handrail – covering a potentially dangerous access area between the ladder cage and platform. InCord CageX high strength nets add an extra level of safety to an otherwise unprotected area when acceding or descending an exposed ladder.

Everything you need in one bag

The CageX System consists of a high strength net panel of 4 inch HTPP mesh, bound with 1/4 inch polyester cord. Polyester straps secure the net to the rail and ladder cage.

• Protects workers when using caged ladders

• Extends protection from the cage to the platform handrail

• Meets OSHA regulations for fall protection

• High strength polypropylene and polyester materials

• Long lasting UV resistant

• Available in 48” x 48” and 60” x 48” sizes

• Easy to install, custom sizes available