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(Dropped Object Prevention Solutions)

TUTUS, LLC introduces their latest man lift safety solution DOPS™ (Dropped Object Prevention Solutions) to the oil and gas construction industry and EPC services for the enhancement of worksite safety. 

As an authorized distributor of InCord safety net products, TUTUS, LLC is now offering the new SkyNet™ Work Platform, a revolutionary new solution for working at heights, PSN Perimeter Systems for construction site fall protection, RocBloc™ stacked netting for debris containment, rope cargo nets for lifting, and Cage-X™ net panels for open ladder fall protection.


Man Lift System

Man Lift System

Man Lift System


OSHA Requirements and ANSI Standards

OSHA 1926.451(H)(1)

In addition to wearing hardhats each employee on a scaffold shall be provided with additional protection from falling hand tools, debris, and other small objects through the installation of toe boards, screens, or guardrail systems, or through the erection of debris nets, catch platforms, or canopy structures that contain or deflect the falling objects.

OSHA 1926.451(H)(2)(V)

 A canopy structure, debris net, or catch platform strong enough to withstand the impact forces of the potential falling objects shall be erected over the employees below.

OSHA 1926.451(H)(2)(III)

Where tools, material, or equipment are piled to a height higher than the top edge of the toe board, paneling or screening extending from the toe board or platform the top of the guardrail shall be erected for a distance sufficient to protect employees below.